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Meet Mark Schulz

Mark Schulz & Son

Hello, my name is Mark Schulz and I am your current incumbent City Council Candidate. I bring my blend of business and people skills to leadership on behalf of the Voters of Osseo! I have successfully defended the citizens of Osseo against the influences that would make our City something that it is not!

We are NOT... big Spenders.

In spite of "left over" expenses from City Administration prior to my election in 2009, our spending has not increased since the 2008 budget. As a matter of fact, our budget moving into 2013 proposes a decrease in spending over 2012.

We are NOT... home to 2 high schools in our less than 1 mile square city.

We successfully stood against the school district when they closed our Elementary School, and wished to add another school for High School aged students. Through successful negotiations, we have reached an agreement that will successfully serve the families of students with significant disabilities.

We ARE... a safe place to live!

We proudly have our own Police force that protects us from the crime problems - right over there across 169. We have one of - if not THE fastest response times to medical and emergency calls in the State of Minnesota.

Our community has at its disposal, advanced lifesaving items that increase your survival when that time comes.

As councilman, I began research initially in 2010 to determine the cost effectiveness of our current Police protection. What we found was that we could deliver Police Services through our own Osseo Police at a lower cost than outsourcing, not only now but into the future. Further dialogue on the topic had a lot of conjecture, BUT NOT one fact that was submitted to the City Council for consideration in spite of the assertions to the contrary, that these services could be delivered at the expected levels at a reduced cost.

We ARE... able to make tough decisions...

that have kept Osseo a great place to grow up, raise a family, and to retire! A community where you know your neighbors and help each other!