Business Service

I have been a Chiropractor and Business owner for 12 years. My wife and I moved our businesses to Osseo 4 years ago when we had the chance. We love the opportunity to reinvest in this community!

Mark Schulz

City Service

I have been privileged to serve the citizens of Osseo on the City Council and Economic Development Authority for the past 6 years.

I currently am appointed to the following:

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Capital Finance Plan

Financial Management Plan

Pavement Management Plan - Street Replacement

5 Central

I am extremely proud of where the City has gone in such a short time. Population has increased, Housing Values have increased, over $35 Million in new Commercial Development has been added to the tax base, and we have added many properties that have been previously not fully on the Tax Rolls to full contributors. We have turned property that the City was paying taxes on into Business-held property that others are paying taxes on. What that means is that I have been part of a great Team, and a Leader that has been focused on adding new tax payers to the group, in an effort to remove the LOCAL TAX BURDEN from the backs of the Homeowners of Osseo.

I am a Strong Advocate for Local Police and Fire, and through tight controls, work hard daily to make sure that your family is safe, and that in the event of Emergency, we, on average, have help to your door in under 2 minutes, vs the County Average of 6-7.

I meet routinely with other elected Officials of our region to facilitate Inter-Agency and Municipality Cooperation, and to keep my finger on the Heartbeat of our region.

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